Unbreakable records?


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I want to know which records are unbreakable in your mind. Please mention more then one.

-Rocky Marciano's Boxing Record 49-0
-Ty Cobb's career .366 batting average
-John Wooden’s consecutive NCAA wins - 88
-Cal Ripken's consecutive Major League games - 2,632
-Pete Maravich single season scoring avg. college - 44.2 ppg
-Cy Young’s all time win record – 511
-Byron Nelson’s straight victories on PGA Tour - 11

Those are just a few that I have on top of my head right now.

What about you guys?


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Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points in a single NBA game should be hard to get now, if not close to impossible.


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I have to agree with you it's going to be hard to break that record, but after seeing Kobe scoring 81 points in a game, I've changed my opinion on the record, I believe it's reachable. It will take a miracle like all the records that I mentioned but I don't think it's unbreakable.


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Haile Gebrselassie's world record marathon at 2:04:26 just over 2 hours.

26.2 miles (40kilometers) in that kind of time is insane, that's like 4 minute miles for 26 miles in a row.

I'm impressed by this record...


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Oklahoma's 47 consecutive wins in college football.
Barry Sanders - 39 touchdowns in a single season in college football.
Oscar Robertson averaging a triple-double for an entire season.


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Here's a few more that I don't think theyll get beaten:

UCLA Bruins: 7 consecutive NCAA basketball titles (1967-73)
Wayne Gretzky: 2,857 NHL career points (1979-99)
Montreal Canadiens: 10 straight Stanley Cup Finals (1951-60, w/ 5 straight wins 1956-60)


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I don't think anyone will beat Tiger's all time wins record once he sets it. The bar is looking to be pretty high on that one.


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The King Richard Petty.

-Won 200 of 1,185 NASCAR Winston Cup race starts. Holds records for career wins (200) and career starts from the pole (127).

-Most Daytona 500 victories - 7 (1964, 1966, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1979, 1981)