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Hardware Unboxing Videos


aka ginger warlock
I am more than willing to admit I am amongst the many that people may see as a little sad and pathetic; I watch unboxing videos. If I hear about a new bit of tech such as a phone, tablet, console or laptop I will watch the video. Aside from anything else I like being able to see the new technology being used and I am also kind of a sucker for the packaging that a lot of technology comes in, I have kept most of the boxes that my tech has come in aside from my PC. Aside from the whole "but what if it breaks" I just like having it. When I opened my Mac Book Pro for the first time it was a lovely experience, it was so clean and well thought out.

I have already seen unboxing vids for the Xbox One and PS4 mostly to see what they look like and also to see any hints of which console I may like to purchase next year. Do you tend to watch them or are you not bothered? If you do why do you watch them? Have you ever made one?


Well-Known Member
I have watched them before, I tend to stick to the high quality stuff though. So many people put out videos that are just sad and pathetic, why put up a video of such low quality that even the geekiest of people won't enjoy watching?

I do like unboxing videos, just to sort of guide me around things that included in any given package, and to familiarize myself with the tech. I watched a few motherboard unboxing videos from newegg before I bought my comptuer last year, you actually learn a bit if the person knows what they're talking about.

And yes, I'll admit that I did watch a Wii U unboxing video as well as a 2DS unboxing fairly recently :lol:. I learned some things though, that's important. I haven't watched one for the ONE or the PS4 yet.


I love them, I find them oddly relaxing. I could watch unboxing videos all day. I also like to watch "room tour" or "desk tour" videos that some people upload. Where people just walk around their room talking about what's in it.