UN: Multilateral Negociation



Ever since the presidency of Wilson and the end of WWI, various countries in the world have sought a solution for peace. Through the valiant and passionate efforts of Wilson, in creating his Fourteen Points, many leaders of the world took the initiative to find a way to ensure harmony, thus terminating the need for war. Hence, the formation of the League of Nations. Yet, due to the failed interest of the U.S.; the exclusion of then USSR, Germany and other world powers; and the pure ineptness of the organization to enforce their rules, the League fell. And the world fought another battle, despite negociations and sanctions placed by the League. Yet again, the Allies emerged victorious, and new alliances were created, along with a fresh start at Wilson's concept of international negociation. NATO aided in the ending of the Cold War, and the UN fought for the humanitarian.

I noted the large number of threads questioning the possibility of peace, and I am curious as to what stance such interested individuals have in foreign policy and it's contribution to world peace. In this case, the UN. It is of my opinion that this organization, while positive in many ways, has failed to complete the tasks that it was designed to do. Therefore, I believe that while it is important to maintain diplomacy between countries, it is also important that we as a country look to other alternatives for negociation.

The Resolution: That multilateral negociations of the UN benefit the United States of America.