Umps miss 1 in 5 close calls.

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Doc, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Doc

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    Major League Baseball umpires miss 20 percent of close calls, according to "Outside The Lines" survey - ESPN

    I was wondering if anyone would actually do a study of "missed" calls. I don't think that the sample size is big enough to do more than provide a picture of just how inaccurate calls of the field can be.

    I fully agree that a booth replay is necessary. They should add one, maybe two more umpires to the staff. For all questioned calls (maybe a limit of 3-5 a game; that would depend on how long it took to review calls) the booth would signal/call down the proper call after checking the slow-mo replays.

    I don't support replay for balls/strikes.

  2. generalblue

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    I sort of agree with adding 2 more umps on the staff, but having replay in baseball is absurd in my opinion. First of all the game is already long enough, adding replay could extend the time of the game to possibly an extra 30 minutes or not at all. Umps are going to miss calls and it should be up to the team to make the proper adjustments just like a pitcher adjusting to the home umps strikezone.

    If they really want to do a study they should study from the last two season and up until now, that way we can get a more accurate number of missed calls. These analyst are also probably considering close calls to games that were already blown out, why do a replay when my team is losing 10 - 0 and it is the bottom of the 8th. I would want this game over with and bring my team to the locker room and regroup and not wait around to watch a stupid replay. :cool:
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  3. Doc

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    I'm with you 100% on all points except for this one. You have to remember that the umpires are out on the field arguing for up to seven, eight minutes? They could call up to the booth and have the replay checked a lot faster than that.
  4. generalblue

    generalblue Where is my Queen?

    True...but that's part of the game, and I find it very entertaining when umps are arguing and so does the crowd. But if they have a replay set up that could possibly take longer, but if they do it in which I don't think they should, it should be like football, instead of getting 2 challenges a game, each manager has one challenge per game, if the challenge is still in the umps favor, the team gets penalized with an out for that inning, and only do booth replays in the 9th. That would make things a lot more interesting, and that out will rescue some of the time if the challenge was not overturned.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    Adding two umpires wouldn't do anything in my opinion, I know a lot of the missed calls are from fly balls near the top of the wall, but I think it's only smart to add them during the playoffs.

    Missed calls are terrible at times, but it's expected from every sports.
  6. CaptainObvious

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    I have no problem with a booth replay for calls like homeruns, fair/foul, or for baserunning calls, not balls and strikes. That would be pretty much it. They wouldn't add that much time especially if you limit the amount of times a manager can challenge a call, like the NFL does.
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  7. Wade8813

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    I agree - it seems like a small sample size. I'm not familiar with umping schedules, but it seems likely it might have been skewed by a disproportionate amount of bad (or good - yikes...) umpires in those games.

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