Umm... Personal.. Male... problems...


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Ok, guys (assuming that you guys are GUYS as girls would find this thread disgusting. sorry, but I need help. :sick:)
Whenever I'm doing homework in my room, I usually close the door. For the sake of privacy and silence as my siblings practice their instruments waayy too much.)
Then my mind starts to wander as I'm doing homework. It starts to stray into the area of .... females.
Guys, you know what I'm talking about.
So I ask, How do I get rid of this bad habit? I'm not into doing this activity as it does have negative side effects. :urp:
Besides making a mess what are the side effects. I'm assuming you're seriouse with this thread man, I wanna laugh at you, but really...uhm...why don't you wanna?


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Is this "spam the SD board" day...? Did I miss something?

Or is this thread actually serious?
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What are you expecting us to tell you? Either try to have more self-control or do your homework in a more public area, such as the kitchen, or even go to the library.


Negative side effects like getting struck blind by God?

you dirty dirty boy.

Seriously just take care of business then get back to your homework.