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Wii umbrella chronicles


New Member
anybody played the new resident evil on the wii. its awesome and it explains everything. dont worry no spoilers! the gameplay is awesome. it feels like the house of the dead arcade game. if u want to know the fall of umbrella play the game.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Can't believe nobody has replied to this yet. I haven't played it but it looks pretty fun. How does the wii-mote num-chuck combo work out control-wise?

I think this style control system is actually the thing the Resident Evil games have been waiting for. They have been good before, but now they could be awesome. Especially playing in a dark room with a nice surround sound setup.


Registered User
I tried to play those games, I couldn't they were to intense for me. I watch the movies but to soak myself into the video game, oh, I am asking for trouble.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I haven't played a RE since the original, never cared for them after two.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I have Resident Evil for Gamecube and never really got into it. I rarely buy a game and don't finish it. It seemed like a cool game, I just didn't like the lack of ammo.


Undead Intellectual
I haven't played it, yet. I asked for it on my Christmas list and hopefully I'll get it.


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i'm debating on getting this game but hows the control scheme; my disability limits the games i can play and I REALLY want this one


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I will swallow my pride and buy a Wii just to get this game, Jill Valentine is one sexy woman:D