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Ultrafast internet service launched by Vancouver start-up


rainbow 11!
Ultrafast internet service launched by Vancouver start-up - British Columbia - CBC News

A new Vancouver-based internet provider says it will be offering fibre internet at a speed of one gigabit per second — 60 times faster than the Canadian average — for a comparable price to that lumbering average connection.

BROADBAND COSTSCompare internet services across Canada
OneGigabit, a small start-up launched by computer networking and telecommunications specialist Eric Kuhnke, says that for $45 to $65 a month, he will be offering speeds comparable to those offered by Google Fiber, and also with no bandwidth caps. Google's blazing-fast internet service caused a buzz in the U.S. when it first launched last summer in Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., for a modest $70 a month.

A recent report from internet metrics company Ookla showed the average monthly Canadian internet bill is $54 for an average download speed of just 16.6 megabits per second. A gigabit per second is the equivalent of 1000 megabits per second.

According to Google, with its gigabit connection speed:

You can stream at least five high-definition videos at the same time (allowing multiple people to watch different things in different rooms of a house or download).
You can download an entire 14-gigabyte digital movie in less than two minutes.
You can transfer data over the internet faster than you can write it to a thumb drive.
But ultra-fast internet speeds are typically only possible if the "last mile" — the wiring that connects a building to the rest of a telecommunications network — is made of fibre optic cable. That is only the case if the traditional copper wiring has been recently upgraded to fibre technology.
I'm so jealous! Fiber is popping up everywhere. Google Fiber is spreading all over the US. I read an article the other day about a Vermont ISP launching fiber for half the price of competitors. I can't wait for that to start showing up around these parts. What do you guys think about it?