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Ayu Tateishi, a second-year middle school student, is the ace of the girl’s tennis club and all-around cool girl who has her eyes—and heart—set on Tetsushi Kaji of the school baseball club, though she is too timid to confront him about her feelings. Her life gets shaken up one night when Nina Sakura literally falls on her after a mishap with a flying scooter. Ayu soon discovers that Nina is a witch from the Magic Kingdom who has come to Ayu’s world to study abroad. Nina sets about to use her magic to help new friend Ayu with her affairs of the heart, much to the chagrin of Ayu, for Nina is less than well-versed in her command of magic. Talking, transforming cat Rio, Nina’s pet, also comes along for the ride, while a boy who goes to school with the pair seeks to “out†Nina as a witch. The result is a tale of one girl’s struggle to master magic, while another girl struggles to master her heart, and the inconvenient ways the two intersect.


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Hmm... Now, is this the manga? Or the anime? I have read the first manga and it was pretty good. And from your summary, it sounds like a shoujo-ai. Is it?