Ultimate Muscle or Samurai Jack!!!

Which Cartoon do you think is better?

  • Ultimate Muscle:Kinnikuman Legacy

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  • Samurai Jack

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  • Don't know either of these shows

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Well then I don't like both, even though I have seen the one. I don't really like wrestling, and I am sure I don't like wrestling that looks like a cartoon.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I expected more votes than this. Come on get off your humpty Dumpty Bleeps and vote for god sake.


The Rock is cooking atm..
The comment wasn't aimed at you,wait a minute it was and the whole lot of people who didn't vote.

BTW,see how in UM it's Kevin Mask vs Kid Muscle.

Who wins


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whoops, sorry about that. I didn't vote before because I had no clue about either show and didn't realize that "I don't know them" was an option. Whooops... :red: