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Uhm.. Hi?


Registered Member
Hey there all GF users! (I keep getting confused as GF normally stands, as you probably know foe GF) so as I ckick this im like... I have a GF? . . . Ahhhh!

Anyway less of the ramble! Hello!

Im Sam!


aka ginger warlock
Hi Lem!

Welcome to GF - I am glad you found you way here, it is very freindly :)

Have fun,


yellow 4!
Hey Sam. I'm panicking.

Welcome to girlfriend!

(P.s. We like it when people ramble in intro threads. Tell us more!)
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Boom Boom Pow!
welcome to the forum



Registered Member
Hello and Welcome Sam *smiles*
I have always looked at the letters GF and thought 'girlfriend', so you are not alone. Hope you find everything your little heart desires.


Registered Member
Tere Sam, and welcome to GF, I hope you will enjoy your stay!
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