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Uhm... hello? ^_^


Registered Member
Hi Forum!

A helpful little message prompted me to come and say hello in this here section.

So. Hello!

I'm Connor, and I like to think I know a little bit about everything. Though, as someone will undoubted point out within minutes (this is the internet, after all), I do know that I don't ;)

I have quite alot of spare time, being a student and everything, and decided that I needed somewhere to engage myself in pretty much any topic that you (the forum) can think of!

I'll be seeing you all around.

Ciao! :cool:


Registered Member
Welcome. Glad to see you posting around. There's plenty of topics!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Hey Connor, welcome to GF! I'm a big fan of the username, haha...good choice.

So in dabbling in a little of everything, what would you say are a few of your favorite hobbies/interests?

P.S. - Iris, that was random.


No Custom Title Exists
Welcome to General Forum champ, enjoy yourself!


Registered Member
Hi! :D I'm a student and I don't have anything but free time till September! Welcome to the forum! :cool: Cya in the threads!
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