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Ugliest Wrestlers of all time


The Rock is cooking atm..
Pretty much like the title says...I know this is probably mean, but did you ever see a wrestler in the ring that you just thought, god damn he is ugly!


Big Daddy V

He was just too much for me. That evil look, weird eye contacts, hair and overall body... yeah, I give it to Big Daddy V for being "ugly". Mainly, the whole getup combined with his body.
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Lion Rampant
I might have to go with Big Dick Johnson for ugliest male.

(Not a fun Google Images search, by the way.)

For the females, I'm fairly confident that it's either Nicole Bass or Luna Vachon.



I am the woolrus
Good picks for the women but Big Dick Johnson? You take it back! That man is THE SEX!!! :p

As for women in wrestling, there;s not many to be found who can be classed as ugly. Awesome Kong definitely isn't one of the most appealing though



The Rock is cooking atm..
Awesome Kong I don't reckon is "ugly".....just her overall appealability.

Nicole Bass was one.