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Ugliest Dog Dies


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ahhh. I have a huge softspot for animals. I don't like the "Ugliest animal award", it aint right. I would love to have a dog like that, because many people would cast him aside.


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Is there an World's Ugliest Human contest? If so, It probably wouldn't be so bad to have a World's Ugliest Dog one. Ofcourse, then they'd have to give all the other species an ugly contest. That's the only way to be fair.


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<Gamechamp> YES!!! I won I Won I'M the World's Ugliest Human. YeS!!!
lol sry dude


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RossDude said:
I think it's weird that this is news.
It's also known as a "slow news day", you get the same with water skiing squirells and smoking monkeys.


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The dog doesn't seem so bad. It's basically just a hairless dog with solidified mud for skin. I didn't click the link to see the picture (nor will I), but I saw it briefly on TV for a second or two, and that's what it appeared to be. Just a dog that got caught in a smelting accident or something. No biggie. (still ugly, but not godawful).


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Damn, that dog is uglier than I thought it would be. Sadly, it would probably win one of those stupid dog shows. Seems like they always pick the ugliest dogs, like poodles.


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It's such a good thing that our media is covering ugly dogs. I mean, I'm sure there was absolutely nothing more newsworthy that day. Dogs are totally more important than the war in Iraq, social security, North Korea's nuclear arms, or religion and the government.


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what's funny is, they were still talking about this yesterday or the day before and they said on the news that the dog is as famous as ever.

the stupid dog's site had over 6 million hits in one day. 6 million~! think of all that advertisment possibilities asldkjf crap my brain is shutting down...

i think you get the point.