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  1. Marys454BB

    Marys454BB Premium Member

    Ok, I've had a 3 people email & ask me if me & my son could sign their "ghost cane" trading cards for them if they sent them to me. My thought is .. no? lol
    Andrew had told me before these emails that I should auction off a trading card signed by my son. I'm not wanting to do that for the simple reason that I don't want any media on my butt again.
    I know these people most likely want us to sign the cards so they can auction them off.
    I'm not sure what to do. I have 1 card so far and just won a couple more last night. I figured I should get a few for my brothers & sisters and of course for my son to put in his frame with the GP letter. & I can save one just in case I do decide to auction it off.
    I think I'm just going to these people who want us to sign the cards no.. But how to do that in a nice way? help?

  2. iggyshotthebear

    iggyshotthebear Registered Member

    You could always take the legal forms route and ask them to sign a waiver that would state something along the lines of "You may not sell this card. It is for a personal collection only blah blah blah..."

    On the other hand if you just dont want to sign them, just politely say I would rather not and he would rather not sign any memorabilia from the auction. Thank you for your support though. :)
  3. 1_ares_1

    1_ares_1 Registered Member

    How about a simple...

    Thank you for your interest. However, with the cane out of our lives, my son and I have been much happier. This is not a chapter I wish to reopen. I sincerely hope you can understand. Thank you, Mary

    Short and sweet.
  4. iggyshotthebear

    iggyshotthebear Registered Member

    And nicely put, Ares :D *claps hands for Ares*
  5. Marys454BB

    Marys454BB Premium Member

    Ahh, I like that! That's the way I'm going to go!
    Thanks! :)
  6. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    That is a good idea Ares. Mary, I wouldn't suggest signing any unless you first try to sell one on your own. Chances are it will go for a lot of money if you sign it, so you deserve to get that money.

    However, if you DO decide to sign a random one and not your own, let me know and I will send you one to sign! :D
  7. 1_ares_1

    1_ares_1 Registered Member

    HAHAHAhahaaaa!! Andrew! you're as bad as the rest!
  8. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    I dunno what to say....I just wanted to

    I think however you tell these people NO....should leave it open for you to be able to sell one yourself later...if you tell them you don't want to reopen that part of your life....and then next month you put one on ebay well then you might make a few irritated....but its whatever you want to do..........

    It may have been a hectic part of your life....but you might as well put one up for auction....for either charity...future college....redo the home...for the taxes on the previous auction....hahahah I don't know how much one would go for....but there is many reasons why to do it yourself...I mean it is only a matter of time before someone does put one up for auction and say it is the ELEDGED signature.....They are not promising that it is for sure ya might as well be the first one to do it and it be the origanal!!!

    but I am with Andrew...if ya don't want to do it...I will for ya....cuz I have a lot of things that need to be done or paid off.....heheheheheheh
  9. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    Hi all. Mary If you decide to sell the autographed cards you will need to do the following.

    First take a pic of you or your son signing the card.

    Only sell a limited number of them (even ending number only 10,50,100)

    Next make out a card with the title of the signed card and who signed it and what the date is,and what the card Number is (1-25 or so)

    Place the card # under the sig and put the following 1 of 25 .
    Be sure the number is visible.

    By following these simple steps you have just created a COA for the card.

    **Before you sign them practice your sig,make it unique as so it can't be coppied**

    If you need more help just let me know. I write COAs all day and can show you how to make one for your cards..

    Good luck ~Night~
  10. Marys454BB

    Marys454BB Premium Member

    Well, I talked with my husband about it & he said "If we're going to do it we should do it soon so someone gets it with his signature before he turns 7" He makes a good point. & I'm sure it would end up with some copy cats... oh sheeesh..
    We are going camping this coming up weekend, I'll talk it over with our friends to see what they think and make a decision by that Sunday night.

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