uggggh stupid phone companies....


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Broke my env 2. had it for like a year and had a free upgrade thing. went to use my upgrade and got talked into buying one of those droid smart phones. well i recently have been txtin this girl i met alot, she doesnt have verizon so i just went ahead and signed up for unlimited data and text. a few days later i called verizon and asked what exactly i had included on my bill and how much it would be a month so i new what to expect. she also verified that i had unlimited txt and data. sweet.

Phone bill came today, 87$ in extra charges because i supposably went over my text limit....WTF?!!?!?!?

going there tomarow to rant, complain, and return the phone. screw that...anybody else ever had problems with phone companies like this?

I love the way Verizon treats me. They are always very straight forward about the terms of my contract and what I'm paying for the changes I'm making (I do that a lot...) and their customer service staff is the most selfless group of people I've known.

When I first switched from ATnT (Fuck ATnT) to Verizon, I had an iPhone (Fuck ATnT). I asked the guys at the Verizon store if they could move my numbers from my iphone (Fuck ATnT) to my new Droid (W00).

They said "Sorry, we dont have the cable...but...".

Then without another word, the guy took my phone, got 2 of his buddies, and began to transfer my numbers on to multiple computers by hand, then combined them and transfered them to my phone. 10 min. 330 contacts. I was fucking HAPPY.

Um. Ya. Verizon wins.

Fuck ATnt


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well im going there tomarow and im just gonna tell em if i have to pay for this overcharge than il just return the phone and pay the overcharge with the money i get back. i mean they told me TWICE i had unlimited txting. so we shall see what happens. i have 30 days to return the phone, tomarow is day 29.


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If you call customer service you'll have better luck than going into the store. The people on the other end of the phone have mroe cotnrol over your account than the people in the store. Their job is to sell to you.

Call customer service early in the day and tell them exactly what happened. Stand by your story. If you don't get what you want from the rep at the other end then demand a supervisor. Nine times out of ten you'll end up getting everything fixed for you. This is especially true if the phone company is at fault.

Trust me. My wife worked for one of these call centers. I got a credit card company to pay for overdrawing my bank account when it was very arguably not their fault. It's just a matter of perseverance and demanding the supervisor when you don't get your way from the call center.

Verizon is excellent for this.


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As a side note if you go to return the phone they will probably charge you money for canceling your account. There is that lovely "Early Termination Fee" tacked onto your contract. Also the old adage honey attracts more bees than vinegar holds true. Be pleasant or you will get nothing accomplished.


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mission acomplished. they apologized and gave me 3 months free web and email. which adds up to 90$. im happy with that. :D


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Well when I worked for Sprint I know that when you add a plan you can choose to add it that day and have the charge prorated for one month + the rest of your billing cycle or have it just add on an the end of your billing cycle. So if you plan on using the txts or data right away make sure you add it as of that day and have them confirm what time that day it will be active.

Man did I love explaining why customers had a $75 charge for data, the things people think they can get away with.

Like now working for a cable company, 75 yr old people ordering porn the calling and saying "I'm the only one in the house, so your saying I ordered that?" :lol:


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R1PPERZ! Welcome back dude. Long time no see.

I myself have had no problem with phone companies. The real issue is that you need to read and understand your contracts and be sure to communicate with the employees effectively. I have sprint, for one, and have had stellar service, with no complaint, and a good bargain at that.


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ive been with verizon for like, 5 years. this is the first problem ive really ever had..

well last year i got one of those envys. it broke in a month, they sent me a "new" one in the mail. it ended up being refurbished and the ear speaker didnt work. callled and complained. the reassured me that the next one they send me will actually be "new" 2 days later they send me another one, and the friggin screen didnt even work. i was so upset i called them and let em have it.

they ended up sending me a BRAND NEW envy 2 that just came out that month, and was like super expencive, and gave me a free upgrade in a year. Verizon has taken preety good care of me. i guess you can say im a satisfied customer...