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UFO in Chicago


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Greetings fellow forum members. I was reading an article about a UFO spotted at Chicago O'Hare airport back in November. Some people said they saw a UFO but federal officials said that it was just a weather phenomenon.

FAA blames UFO report on weird weather - CNN.com

Do you believe in UFO's?

When I was younger, I was playing baseball with my brothers. I looked up in the sky and saw a shiny silver object. When I turned back to see it, it was gone. Does anyone have the number to unsolved mysteries so I can contact them?


not a plastic bag
The lights in the sky sightings have been turning up everywhere. Much of it has been videotaped. My suspicion, nothing more, is that we are testing new defense weapons in case things heat up with Iran. Many news stories can be tied to Iran in some way. I would like to go on, but its 4am. Some other time.


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I don't believe it too ! ...
I do believe in strange things and up normal ... but not UFO !!!


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Technically, there are such things as UFOs. They're just things that fly through the air that no one knows what they are.

As for flying saucers, there hasn't been any viable evidence that has come forth to prove their existence.

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