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  1. The Abyss

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    for all thoughs who son't live in America, it was a BIG DEAL in college football. I am personally a UCLA fan so...w00t! GO BRUINS!

  2. TheSportsGuy

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this helped out my Virginia Tech Hokies a bit. :) Yes sir, I'm glad USC lost. I didn't want to see them go to 4 straight NC's.
  3. Now the question is who will play Ohio State? Its between Michigan and Flordia. But do we wanna see Michigan play Ohio State again? Most would say NO! I dont want to see it! But that doesnt mean Michigan doesnt have a chance. Now we have Flordia... I personaly think they dont stand a chance against Ohio State. So this will be a very big subject in the sports world.
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    I think the idea of Michigan and Ohio State playing again is rediculous, but I guess that it looks like it might happen. If they want a Michigan/Ohio State championship, then they should have called the meeting a couple of weeks ago the national championship in the first place.

    Come on, Ohio State has knocked off the number two team two times this year (Texas, then Michigan), and what now? Play Michigan again? Pathetic.
  5. Vincent_Valentine

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    A rematch between OSU and Michigan is seeming more and more likely. I personally don't really want to see it (though Michigan is almost certainly he second best team in the nation). I actually wanted to see USC play us (because I hate USC and would love to see us whoop them), but that is out now.

    Now we have the dilemma of who should play OSU for the title:

    1.) Michigan, the team that is almost undeniably the second best team in the nation


    2.) Florida, who has had a tougher schedule and hasn't gotten a shot to go to the Championship game like Michigan had.

    If Michigan gets the bid, then that will leave a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouthes since they had their chance on Nov. 18th and couldn't capitalize.

    Other people will argue that Florida doesn't deserve it since Michigan is probably the better team.

    Either way, this will ad more fuel to the argument for a playoff system
  6. Hoosier_Daddy

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    Florida should get the shot to play OSU. In my opinion it shouldn't even be a question. They won what most consider to be the toughest conference in the country and have one more win than Michigan. It's bullshit to leave a conference champion out of the game and include a runner up.

  7. Flordia is killing Michigan in the voting right now. It now comes down to the computer.
  8. Rickster

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    That was a brilliant game played by UCLA yesterday, they definitely deserved it.

    Thing is, I don't think Florida is more deserving than Michigan. I know Michigan already had their shot, but who says they can't have another. Just because a team loses in the regular season to the #1 team dosn't exactly eliminate them from a rematch. I'd rather have LSU play than either of those teams for the simple fact of their road schedule. I mean, if OSU had that same schedule I doubt they'd be sitting atop a shimmering pedastal looking down right now. But the BCS is run by computers, who are calculating machines, and every year about this time, I get more and more upset with the format.

    But hey, if I got to choose who'd play, it'd be LSU first, then Florida.
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    This surprised a lot of people, not a lot of people thought that the Bruins would be able to beat the Trojans but it was done, and I personally think that the Buckeyes will face Florida, they deserve it more then the Wolverines. But I wouldn't mind if they played the Wolverines.
  10. The Abyss

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    I am a Bruin fan, and was more then surprised when they win! GO BRIUNS!

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