Uchiha Sasuke

Whoo! I like it! The color scheme is amazing, and there's just the right amount of shadow to counter the brightness. Text fits relatively well, and I like the little flourishes coming off it. Only thing I don't like is the scanlines...


The first version is better imo I like the saturated look. Overall I like it, nice classy feel to it.
*cracks knuckles for gfx battle...* lol this will be hard :( i just wish you had caught me 2 years ago

but anyways the sig is great shit. i like v2 more. the random dots outline is sick, and the text decorations are nice too. colors are perfect for the sig. gj


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
new stuff here


C&C appreciated :)
Oh my:eek: This is so hot looking it's not even funny >>; I love either version of it, one way puts him like in a dark mood and the other in a kinda light one. The font and the scanlines is what is really making this siggie stand out plus with those black markings in teh corner. What can I say...I'm am jealous of it;) Now do me a favor...make it ur new siggie!