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Uchicha Sasuke vs. Ash Ketchum (Spoiler with irony and exaggeration)



This was a little story I wrote for an assignment. I apoligize to those Sasuke fans and to those people who know how Sasuke acts. I just exaggerated a little. Enjoy! ;)

-Ash Ketchum, future pokemon master, was lost in a forest. He somehow went the wrong way and can’t find his friends. The only one with him was his best friend Pikachu and a few other pokemons that are in their pokeballs. -“Brock, May, Max. Where are you guys?†Ash yelled.
-“Pi-ka-chu!†Pikachu helped his master find his friends.
-“Well, Pikachu, things can’t get worse,†Ash said.
-“Pi ka pi,†Pikachu answered in agreement. Ash and Pikachu then saw a light in the horizon. Ash squinted to see more clearly. “Hey, I think that’s an opening. Come on, Pikachu, let’s run towards it!†With that, Ash ran towards the shining light with Pikachu following behind.
-Meanwhile, Sasuke was training in a forest. He is a fifteen-year-old Genin ninja. He is currently in team seven which includes Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto and their Jounin teacher, Hatake Kakashi. While training, he thought he saw the minions of Orochimaru and followed them. Orochimaru was the infamous murderer of the third hokage. It was an unknown death since no one had exactly seen the details but did see Orochimaru trap the hokage in a barrier to fight one on one. Sasuke didn’t want revenge but a challenge that will make him stronger than Naruto. Naruto knows the special technique, Rasengan, which is stronger than the skill that was taught to him, Chidori. So he follows the minion and sees a light. Hm… I wonder hat that light is. I better check it out. He then raced at the light with frightening speed.
-Ash was racing with Pikachu towards the gleaming light. On the other side, Sasuke was also running towards a strange light. Both encounter it at the same time with was very rare and was transported to another dimension. -They both ended up in a white land that had nothing. Absolutely nothing was there except a floor and whiteness.
-“Huh? Where are we? Who are you?†Ash asked.
-“Pi ka chu,†Pikachu said too.
-“Humph… I should be asking the same to you,†Sasuke replied and looked at Ash. Ash could feel the coldness in his voice.
-“Uh… ok then, I’m Ash Ketchum and I’m going to be the world’s greatest Pokemon master! And who will you be?†Ash tried to sound cool like Sasuke. Instead he made a fool of himself.
-Sasuke chuckled at the mistake Ash did. “I’m Uchicha Sasuke, one of the last two of the Uchicha clan. Your dream is silly just like Naruto’s dream to be Hokage. The difference is, that your just a foolish, useless, child.†Sasuke chuckled again.
-“I’m not a foolish child,†Ash made a pouting face.
-“Then prove to me that your not a child.â€Â
-“Alright then, I can take you on anytime.†He reached for a pokeball. “Ok, lets go, I choose you, Torkoal,†Then a turtle like Pokemon came out.
-“Tor!†then smoke came out of its nose.
-“Humph…†Sasuke grinned. “I guess you summoned a guardian first. This is going to be easy.†He ran up to Torkoal and threw a shuriken at Torkoal.
-“Iron Defense!†Ash commanded. Immediately, Torkoal hid in its shell for protection. “Now Overheat!†Torkoal came out of its shell and shot out a roaring blast of inferno.
-Sasuke was surprised but he didn’t stop. He countered it with an empowered fireball skill.
-“Huh? You’re not a Pokemon, how do you do that?†Ash was amazed, but then Torkoal’s Overheat was wearing out. “Oh no!†The flame engulfed Torkoal and it fainted. “Return, you did a good job. You should have a rest,†He looked at Sasuke, “You have may won this round but the next ones harder.â€Â
-“Give me your best shot.†This is going to be an easy win, Sasuke thought.
-“Go, Corphish!†Out came a lobster-like pokemon.
-“Cor-phish-Cor!†It snapped its claws at Sasuke.
-“Make you move.†Ash said at Sasuke. Sasuke grinned at the idea. “What’s so funny?†Sasuke didn’t answer. He began charging up for Chidori. “Whoa, what’s that?†Ash again stared with amazement at the special technique. Ash stared at the light for a few minutes but then, Corphish began running at Sasuke with its pincers snapping. Sasuke ran at Corphish. “Corphish, no!†Sasuke hit Corphish and Corphish went flying. Corphish fainted immediately. -“Return Corphish.†Ash was giving up hope but Pikachu bravely stepped up. “Pikachu, You’re going to try?â€Â
-“Pi ka piâ€Â
-“That’s… That’s… wonderful. You’re the best friend.†Ash had a little sob in his throat.
-“Pi ka chu,†Pikachu smiled.
-“Ok, Sashimi, or whatever your name is, Pikachu and I are going to defeat you.â€Â
-“Just try.â€Â
-“Go Pikachu!â€Â
-“Pi ka!†Sasuke began to charge up a Chidori.
-“Stand your grounds. When the moment is right, jump and then Thunder,†Ash whispered at Pikachu.
-“Yaaaaa-†Sasuke came running towards Pikachu which Chidori.
-“Steady,†Both Ash and Pikachu can hear the sound that was like a thousand birds singing.
-“Steady,†They can even hear the footsteps.
-“Now!†Pikachu jumped up. Sasuke didn’t see Pikachu above him and he was running at a frightening speed so he missed and plunged into the ground. He took out his hand but it was too late. “Thunder!â€Â
-“Pi Ka Chu!†The attack struck him.
-“Aaaahh…†Sasuke fell onto the floor unconscious.
-“We… we did it Pikachu! We did it! Yah!â€Â
-“Pi ka pi†Then they saw a portal like the one they saw earlier.
-“I’m glad you’re my best friend and that you helped me beat him. Come on let’s go home. â€Â
-“Pi ka,†It pointed at Sasuke.
-“Ok then, let’s throw him in then we’ll jump in. I hope he lands in his world.†Ash threw Sasuke in then jumped in.

Epilogue: Sasuke landed safely in the forest of his world. He was still unconscious but he forgot everything that happened. He woke up to a beautiful morning in the forest with Naruto and Sakura next to him. Ash, as well, landed in his world like nothing happened. He eventually found May, Max and Brock. Everything is back to normal… or is it?


The Super Pimp of GF
Re: Uchicha Sasuke vs. Ash Ketchum (A lot of irony and exaggeration)

interesting I never really thought about ash and Sasuke fighting ps you should say that it contains spoilers because some people might not know that the 3rd hokage is killed


Re: Uchicha Sasuke vs. Ash Ketchum (A lot of irony and exaggeration)

Thank you for the advice and the comment. I'll just go fix that...


um wow. now I hate pokemon even more. But this was a little crazy. poor sasuke. Dam you Ash!


lol...People from Naruto have to train themselves while Ash tortures these poor creatures into doing his bidding...
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