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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What words do you all have difficulty typing without slowing down?


I have NEVER been able to spell the following.

And you know what, right now I'm googling how to spell it, because after 24 years on this planet I still can't get it right.


Etc etc. I'm actually really good at spelling, and typing. And hardly ever struggle with any words. But without a doubt, I ALWAYS struggle with any word that has 'psych' in it.


Creeping On You
Yah that psych combo sometimes messes me up too.

Most basic words other than those I don't have to slow down for. What I usually end up doing is hitting multiple keys on the keyboard, or leaving out entire words in a sentence. I think it in my head but forget to write it because I've already started thinking about the next word before I get to the next one lol.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Yea its those psych words for me too and words like physiology.


4 legs good 2 legs bad

It's not hard to spell, but it's awkward to type, as are most words that the letters are all typed on the same hand.
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