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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Babe_Ruth, Apr 1, 2006.

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    This might be a really sore subject for some people. I don't undertand you guys sometimes. Americans will rate a movie rated R if there's a breast in it or something....but when it's a movie with killings or lots of guns you'll rated PG(like Doom for example) It just doesn't make sence. You can only purchase liquor if your 21 but yet a kid can purchase a fire arm. It's just weird....what do you guys think about the system you have?

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    Well firstly Doom was 'R' I thought...anyways I can't stand some of the regularities and rules here. I myself think the drinking age should be 18 and the smoking age should be 21, cause cigarettes are fucking sick and I personally wouldn't care, plus they kill more people than does alcohol(I think). I also think that there should be a lot more concern going toward school food. We have absolute shit here, the only good stuff is the chips, cookies, candy bars, etc. which are all bad for you and yet they are the only substitutes we have for the awful school lunch food. So you usually see kids coming out of the lunch line with 3 cookies, 2 bags of chips a candy bar and a bottled apple juice. I jus think we deserve quality food and if they stopped spending so much on damn junk we would be able to afford to get like real chicken and have stuff tasting home cooked, not like some robots made it out of soy beans. Americans are horrible when it comes to food. You see so many fat fucks walking around its ridiculous.
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    Oh I totally agree with you.  No offense to anybody I offend but Americans are obese and it's becoming a big problem in the U.S.  Anyways that's one opinion I'd love to hear others.
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    Alcohol is probably older  because it not only kills your liver, but can get you into a state where you might kill others (even if by accident). Of course, one of thew draw backs of making drinking illegal until you're 21, is that it becomes a status thing to kids, put high on a pedestal as something unattainable. In countries where the drinking age is thirteen, drinking isn't as big a deal, so less people go out and get drunk for no reason.
  5. It depends on the firearm you want to purchase for one, and if you want a concealment permit you need to be 21, which is the same age as drinking. If the drinking age was lowered to 18, then most likely there would be A LOT less accidents due to drinking, it works in other countries, so it would most likely work here in the long run.
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    Key phrase there is "long run." Do you think that this country is patient enough to wait for things to work out?
  7. That tends to be one of the weaknesses of this country.
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    Speaking as an overweight person (not being politically correct. There is actually system to note whether somebody is overweight or Obese) I would like to talk about our crappy image problems. On one end we have all these fade diets and impossible standards of beauty, where people try to be as skinny as possible.

    On the other end, we have our most popular restaraunts and food items which are notoriously unhealthy. The fat people are the people who simply eat what they want. But then, there are the obese people who eat what they want and never exercise one damn bit. If not for my bike riding, I'd be joining there ranks.

    Now, on the MPAA. Why is a movie like "Almost Famous" rated R? One breast? Why is the film "Whale Rider" PG 13 when it's G content. Oh, it's because in one scene you can see a hash pipe. Frankly, the MPAA is one of my greatest enemies. Because of shit like this. And the fact that they have to be paid 20,000 to view a movie for a rating.

    That's great for the major studios, but what about the indy filmmakers? 20,000 could literally break them! And most people will not see a movie that has not been rated.

    Speaking of ratings and hypocrisy, how come some movies can show full frontal nudity but others can't? And how come the word "Pussy" almost got indy film "Terror Firmer" an NC 17?

    I want to make a new rating system that hopefully some indy filmmakers will sign on to. Unfortunately, it will take capital that I do not have. But we need an alternative to the MPAA rating system that is systematic, not based on politics.
  9. Merc

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    Terror Firmer also had nudity, profanity, and sexual situations. Don't think the word pussy pushed it all the way up. It was R to begin with.
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    America as a whole is too squeamish about losing people in wars. America can't handle casualties.

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