Type of wrestlers you like?

What type of wrestlers do you like? Big and bulky like Batista? Punk-ish, rocker such as Jeff Hardy? Small and mad like Nunzio?

I like wrestlers such as Vampiro, Sting, Raven and Undertaker (classic).


Jeff Hardy:

I find the dark wrestlers very entertaining. Kind of sucks that WWE tends to release bland-looking wrestlers instead of giving them a cool dark gimmick. They should take a tip from TNA and have some fun with some wrestlers like they do with Shark Boy. Take a chance.


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I like wrestlers that are able to wrestle, people that don't seem lost in that ring every time they step into that ring.

I like wrestlers that are athletic, that can move around quickly in the ring. They must have a good build as well.

When it comes to atheletism I would take Shelton Benjamin, he's incredibly atheletic in that ring.


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Athletic wrestlers, the undertaker, benjamin, go back as far as the hitman.. they're all enetertaining wrestlers. and of course on another note there's stone cold that was my favorite of all time.


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High flyers and darker characters. Examples would be Raven, Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero, Eddie Kingston, John Morrison, etc.