Tying your Shoes


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This is an argument I have with my dad all the time who says my generation is nothing but a bunch of idiots because we dont Tie our Shoes anymore. Whatever thats supposed to mean :hah:

But heres what he's talking about. I wear my shoes just tight enough to where they stay on. So this way I can slip on a pair of sneakers fairly quickly...well alot more quickly then it would take me to put them on and tie 'em.

I can recall back in school I never really ever saw anyone tying their shoes, they all did this method. So kinda makes me wonder, was this just a phase that my era had?

How do you go about your shoes, do you Tie them every time you put them on? Or do you leave them tied and then slip them on? For those that dont tie them every time... how often do you have to adjust the knots (re-tie) or are you pretty good at tying them once and never having to do it again?


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I leave my shoe laces loose enough that I can just slip my shoes on instead of tying them every time I put them on. I actually haven't adjusted my shoe laces in like 8 months. When I first got my Nike kicks I actually took the laces off and just used the velcro straps that came with and tied them that way. But when I play sports I tie my laces pretty tight so I don't lose my shoe.


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I tie em when I buy em, and that's generally how they stay, unless I catch the laces on something and they come untied. Kids now adays down't even do that. I've seen my younger bros just pull the strings tighter, and tuck the ends into their shoes. It boggles my brain! The only time I untie and retie my shoes is my work boots. But thats' because of the way they are designed, its uncomfortable if you don't pull em tight.


Son of Liberty
I've seen my younger bros just pull the strings tighter, and tuck the ends into their shoes. It boggles my brain!
This is what I used to do when I was in High School. I'd wear the flat Skater style shoes like Vans or my favorite back then Etnies, but I'd never ever tie them.

Instead what I'd do is I'd lace them a certain way so that the laces displayed like straight lines rather than criss-crosses and then I'd cinch them up tight enough to where they wouldnt fall off my feet. From there I'd strategically tie Clover Knots in the laces so that it'd make a wad or ball of lace and couldn't go any looser from the eyelit. This way I never ever had to tie my shoes and they ever ever got any tighter or looser.

The excess laces I'd usually either Cut off or Tuck underneath the sole of the shoe itself.
I haven't tied shoe laces in a good few years. Partly because I no longer actually own tie up shoes apart from my trainers which hardly get any use any more, but even if I did, I wouldn't. I like to slip them on and off as well, and it's a pain having to tie laces if there's not much point. My mum used to always tell me off for that.


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I tie them every time and I make sure they are snug. I will go so far as to retie both shoes if I have to take one off in the middle of the day to get a pebble out of it or something. By then the other one has loosened a bit and I like them to feel the same.

I also double, triple, and quadruple tie as necessary to make sure the laces don't drag on the ground.


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I don't wear shoes with laces really. I have a pair of trainers that I don't tie up. They are tight but not so tight I can't get my feet in to them.


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I don't tie them each time. I just slip into it. The only time I tie is if the initial tie gets undone while I'm walking or something.