Two Women Switched at Birth by Accident


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They are both 56 years old now and have obviously lived out a large portion of their lives. Interestingly enough they should have lived each others lives instead of their own. It turns out they were switched at birth.

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Oregon Women Switched at Birth Learn of Mistake 56 Years Later

HEPPNER, Ore. — Two baby girls switched at birth 56 years ago have finally found out about the mistake.

DeeAnn Angell of Fossil and Kay Rene Reed of Condon learned about the mistake from an 86-year-old woman who was a former neighbor.

The former neighbor said that one of the girls' mothers, Marjorie Angell, insisted back in 1953 that she had been given the wrong baby after nurses returned from bathing them.

But her concerns were brushed off.

With both sets of parents dead, the Reed and Angell siblings compared notes and family stories, learning that rumors of a mix-up had been around for years.

Kay Rene Reed decided to get some DNA testing done, and that confirmed the mistake.

But she and DeeAnn say there just have to move forward with their lives now, and they celebrated their latest birthday together earlier this month.
Very interesting. It's good that they are able to brush it off and have a good laugh about it. I'm sure at this point it's more of an interesting tidbit than anything to really worry about. Still kind of a weird thing to think about, that this has actually happened. Makes you wonder how many other people this has happened to by accident who never found out.


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This is absolutly astonishing its one of the storys that you think of becasue of movies but it is crazy to think these women and the familys have been living thier lives as if nothing is different, its amazing.


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I hope none of them has fallen for a cousin and just didn't marry because of being supposedly related. :lol:

Maybe if their lives have been extremely different from each other (and they had issues with their own) and if they hated their relatives, they would feel more regret about the switch.


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I'd think I would be more emotional about this. But, how did they not notice before? They looked nothing like the people in their families?


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It has been probably difficult for them. I do wonder if friends and relatives questioned the appearances. But I think both women became apart of their families even though they weren't biologically related.