Two Topics in One! - Undertaker & Triple H / Teddy Long's Revenge!

This topic will contain two different subjects. One will be about The Undertaker and Triple H while the other will be about Teddy Long. I wanted to save paper so I decided to stick them both here... ^_^

The Undertaker & Triple H
Would you like to see a WM25 event where Triple H and Undertaker will face each other in a hair match? Basically, a hair match is a match where the loser is forced to shave his head. Much like how Vince did when his wrestler lost to Donald Trump's wrestler.

It's hard for me to picture The Undertaker losing because 1) His streak and 2) It's hard for me to picture him staying in kayfabe while getting his hair shaved. Unless... Triple H breaks out the hammer and uses it to "KO" him. I also don't think Triple H would (real life) be willing to go through with it. Having him bald would seem like a career killer.

If The Undertaker loses he could come back as APA Undertaker after WM25. :boat:

Teddy Long's Revenge!!
Why didn't Teddy L get revenge on Vickie after what she did to him? He got fired and got hired on ECW as their General Manager. There's something missing and they never patched it up. Am I the only one who thinks Teddy needed revenge?!

That, and it could've made for good matches with a SD! vs ECW war. Since ECW is traveling with SD! until Fall they could've done some great matches until then with a feud between the two.

Discuss. :D
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Undertakers streak should never be broken, And If it has to be broken, not by someone like HHH. Make a Rising star break the streak and crash into the Main event.


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Yeah hair vs hair would make a mockary out of what would be a HUGE matchup between HHH and Undertaker. I'm all for them in the main event at WM25 but Undertaker needs to win and it needs to have nothing to do with, uh, hair. And I agree with Atreyu, if they are going to have Taker lose it needs to be against someone who needs the "rub." That person would have instant credibility and would automatically become a star. That's how you push someone and get someone over in a huge way.

Also, I dont think Teddy needs to seek any revenge. He's got a job and is doing just fine on ECW.