Two things I loved hearing today

Both Chris Jerico and Joy Giovanni are both in some way planing returns to Raw. Close friends of Jerico say he is getting the itch to return to the ring. He wants to wrestle for wwe but if TNA offers enough money he will go there (TNA does not have much money btw). He would not wrestle full time but, he would rather have a contract like what Mick Foley has.

Joy Giovanni on the other hand has had a sit down will top peoples in wwe and they have a verbal agreement that once both wwe and Joy's schedules allow it. In case you have not guessed I really like her when she was in wwe. Also if they sign her she will IMO be the most atractive diva in wwe.

Joy Giovanni Picture


Sultan of Swat
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It would be great if Jericho can come back, because he was great wrestler and he was great on the microphone. But it doesn't look good for him and the WWE if he wants to do like a Mick Foley, it would be better for him if he went to TNA because his schedule wouldn't be as bad has if he joined the WWE again. That's why Angle decided to go to TNA, and same thing with Sting.