Two guys strike it rich old money found in back yard!

did anyone see this story on the news? wow, i'd like to dig up a treasure like that! i wonder how much it's going to end up being worth?
i'm sorry i don't, but it was all over every major news venue yesterday and last night. good morning america had it and inside edition, etc. you could probably do a search on google and find it.


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I havent heard this story yet, and I havent seen it on any of the news sites I visit regularly. Interesting story.

If someone finds the linkage, Please post


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We had a guy here that dug up a small fortune that was burried in coffee cans and jars... who knows how long the money was there. Hmmmmm should I start digging up my yard??


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doubles2004 said:
well i have done all the digging in my back yard to find nothing but black texas dirt.hmmm wish it was oil

Heck I be happy if I had the strength to dig at all.... that would be my fortune. Gain my life back.
Just saw on Good Morning America those guys were arrested for "stealing" the money! Yep, turns out after they went on all those talk shows even on the late shows last night doing their media blitz about the money, the police got suspicious when they kept telling different stories. Then they got some leads that they had actually found it in the rafters of a house they were renovating. They are roofers by trade. Oh well, if you're gonna be dumb.....

found the link to the story for this morning....

two arrested
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