Two crazy games today...


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... and not a single thread about either one? What kind of World cup fans are you guys? I'm barely even paying attention to the WC! Shame on all of you.


Brazil completely fell apart in this one - the first goal against them was off their own guy, the winning goal was a header by one of the shortest men on the field (while Brazil has a really tall team) who commented

“It was my first header goal,” an incredulous Sneijder said. “I don’t think it’ll happen again. It slid off my bald head and went into the goal.”
Brazil played down a man for over 17 minutes due to complete stupidity on the part of one of their players.

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The other story is about how Luis Suarez, a striker from Uraguay, deliberately blocked a goal with his hands, which let Uraguay defeat Ghana (the last African country in the tournament).

He saw they were going to score, and blocked the shot. He took his red card, and his expulsion from this (and the next) game - a fair trade to let there BE a next game.

Ghana missed the PK, and Uraguay won 4-2 during the shootout.

This story raises an interesting ethical question in my mind. Is it cheating to deliberately do something so flagrantly against the rules, or is it just a part of the game; he accepts the penalty, and everyone moves on?
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