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Two arrested in alleged bomb plot


Free Spirit
Staff member
Raw Story said:
Two New York City women have been arrested in an alleged conspiracy to build a bomb and wage a “terrorist attack” in the United States, according to a federal criminal complaint made public on Thursday.
Two New York City women arrested in alleged bomb plot

I can't believe they thought Osama bin Laden was great and praised the 9/11 attacks. It is said they supported the beheading of western journalists by ISIS. If all of this is true they are a sick puppies and they should get life.

When you have terrorist groups calling for attacks on US soil its just a matter of time before a nut pulls one off and kills a bunch of people.



I reckon this is just the tip of the iceberg. And you're right, it's just a matter of time before a nutball slips through the cracks and succeeds in a major strike.

- Cham


Well-Known Member
They believe that Osama was great AND believe that beheading journalists is great?

Not surprising how they believe one crazy thing and believe another as well.

I'm honestly quite surprised we haven't seen more terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. I hate them but I do believe given the current state of the world that it's inevitable. They can't stop every plot like this.


Registered Member
They support Osama and 9/11 and ISIS? Thats seriously effed up and Im very very happy they got caught!.
They did claim to be members of the Islamic State btw. They should get life without parole just for that. People like that are a serious threat to the US and other countries. They should be kept where they cant do any bombings in the future.
Maybe somebody needs to re-open Gitmo just for them.... just saying.


Free Spirit
Staff member
They have arrested another woman, Thomas, planning on joining ISIS wanting to martyr herself. An idiot from ISIS said he would help her with that. He also said he would behead his own wife if she betrayed him and Thomas said cutting someones head off was more personal. What a sick bunch. How can anyone be okay with that.

Keonna Thomas, Philadelphia Woman, Charged With Plan to Join ISIS