Twins put Santana on market




The Twins are seriously considering trading their ace lefthander. According to people familiar with the talks, Johan Santana actually gave the Twins his blessing to begin exploring trade options after recent negotiations proved how difficult it will be to reach an agreement. Santana approved the team's trade attempts, knowing he will have the final say because of his complete no-trade clause. In coming days, the Twins are expected to receive proposals from the Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers and possibly other teams, as the industry weighs the heavy price of landing the two-time Cy Young Award winner.


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With only 1 year left remaining on his contract, this would be a good move especially if the Twins don't plan on resigning him, which frankly I don't see happening.


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Like NJ said this is a good move, because there's no way the Twins will be able to afford him, he'll be asking way to much. If you trade him then you can get some good young prospects in return, and you can maybe get a few proven players.


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IF he goes to the yankees...then well...if they can get rid of some of thier veteran pitchers, they should have a really good young pitching staff, to help them "rebuild" which is sort of what they should be doing right now.