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TV TV Theme Tunes...


Registered Member
...And title sequences -

Name your favourite ones.
The catchy ones.
The cool ones.
The crap ones.
The forgettable ones.
The cheery ones.
The stupid ones.
The offensive ones.
The nostalgic ones.
The clever ones.
The ones you want to share.


Sally Twit
Well the obvious choice is 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. Catchy, cool, cheery.. Some other words you mentioned.

I also love 'Family Guy'. Can't help but sing along to it all of the time.

'Only Fools and Horses' is another one I think deserves a mention. Every British person should know it.


Oh and I am a huge fan of 'Bottom'. I know it's not on any more but I have them all on DVD. I am not much of a saxophone lover but got to love it for the show. It stands out and obviously what they're doing during the intro makes it even better.

I keep editing this because I think of more to add lol.

How could I forget about 'The Mighty Boosh'. LOVE the intro. So short but really gets me excited to watch the show. Just so original.
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Here are my favorites...

YouTube - X-files, opening (original)

That song is a classic. I also remember this intro scaring me as a little kid. Haha.

YouTube - Rescue Me - INTRO

Great song. I actually have it on my iPod. This intro always gets me excited to watch the episode. I rarely skip it.

YouTube - FX Justified intro

Another song I have on my iPod. Gangsta Grass, how could I not like it? Haha.

YouTube - The sopranos intro

Eh, now I miss The Sopranos. Ha.

YouTube - Californication Intro, beautiful!

I like the newer one better, but couldn't it.

YouTube - The Office Season 7 Intro

Catchy little tune.

YouTube - Dexter: Morning Routine

I think this is one of the better ones for current shows.

YouTube - Scrubs Intro

Short & sweet.

I also wanted to post up a recent Bones one but couldn't find it. Temperance, Cam & Angela all in a 30 second clip with music? Oh yes. :lol:
Oh, and this one makes me laugh...

I put it in spoilers because it's definitely not G rated. Haha.
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still nobody's bitch
I love the Sopranos theme song.

Here are my nostalgia TV theme songs

WKRP in Cincinnati - I sang this at the top of my lungs when we drove through Cincinnati last week and my daughter was yelling at me - "aaaaugh! Mom you're making me tired!!" lol
YouTube - WKRP In Cincinnati

Welcome Back Kotter. John Sebastian ftw. :wub:
YouTube - Welcome Back Kotter

YouTube - Alice theme

Good Times
YouTube - Good Times

Good times indeed :nod:


Registered Member
Love the Dexter theme tune - and not just for the catchy music - the actual sequence of activity is pretty cool, although eating steak for breakfast is a bit much for me.

And the Only Fools theme is brilliant Bliss - I thought you might mention it ;)

A few themes from me include:

Dr Who: All warpy and that. Reminds me of a Muse track for some reason.
YouTube - Doctor Who Theme Tune 1963-1969 by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire

Scooby Doo: Probably the catchiest thing I've ever heard. I actually hum it at random sometimes - I know...
YouTube - Scooby Doo Theme Song

Rising Damp is another likable opening, via clunky music only.

And as for nostalgia, I can't help but like this:
YouTube - ZZZAP!