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Being one of the oldest members on this forum (heck, I am probably THE
oldest member!), I can remember back in the pre-video/DVD era, there were a lot of TV soundtrack record albums released. (Some of you kids are probably asking, what's a record? That was the sound media that
predates audio cassettes and CDs.) Back in the fifties and sixties (and
early seventies), that was about as close as you could get to owning an episode(s) of a TV show. I still have a working turntable and several of those records in my collection. Some of these albums are original cast
albums (as indicated below); the rest are soundtracks.

The Andy Griffith Show (Andy Griffith)
Battlestar Galactica (pilot episode)
The Beverly Hillbillies (OC)
Bonanza (OC)
Davy Crockett (Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen)
The Flying Nun (Sally Field)
Howdy Doody
The Mickey Mouse Club
The Munsters (OC)
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
Zorro (Guy Williams, Henry Calvin, Jimmie Dodd)
Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles)
The Monkees
Tony Orlando & Dawn
Elvis (1968 TV special)
Leslie Uggams (Sing Along with Mitch)
The Johnny Cash Show
Hee Haw (OC)
Get Smart
All in the Family
Hollywood Squares
Bob Hope On the Road to VietNam
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
Kids Say the Darndest Things (Art Linkletter)
Sanford & Son
The Flip Wilson Show
Rex Humbard
The Alvin Show
The Flintstones (2 eps)
Huckleberry Hound
The Jetsons (2 eps)
Linus the Lionhearted (OC)
Magilla Gorilla (OC)
Quick Draw McGraw
Rocky & His Friends (OC)
Top Cat (2 eps)
Yogi Bear


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Its not a soundtrack, but i have the Bob & Doug McKenzie's Great White North album. its just them doing their normal stuff but for a record and its absolutely hilarious.


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I have vinyls but not of TV shows. I do have one TV OST that I still listen to these days and it's in casette form :lol:. It's the show Mad About You.