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TV TV Shows you can't stand?


Because she looks like a HORSE. :lol:

If you consider that beast "gorgeous", I am terrified to see what you consider ugly. Haha.

Can I count anything and everything baseball? Soooooo boring. Especially a show like Baseball Tonight or whatever, where they sit around and talk about every boring thing about that boring game. Ahhhh.


Oh and I almost forgot to mention this stupid show called Skins that airs on MTV. I know I mentioned that everything on MTV is shit, but this show is so bad, it deserves an honorable mention. Also throw in stuff like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Living Lohan and just about everything else produced by that douche Ryan Seacrest is just shit. And just for good measure, let's toss in those "child beauty queen" reality shows and cooking reality shows. :urp:
Bubbles Skins is one of the best shows I have seen. The British version is perfect. It's pretty much amazing in every single way. Don't judge it by that useless, crappy, pathetic, watered down, ripoff, terribly acted American remake. Give the original UK version a chance, it's fantastic.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Glee, American Idol, any singing/dancing/talent show, Glee, pretty much everything on MTV, like Real World, Jersey Shore, etc, Glee, most reality shows, and I feel like I'm forgetting something...oh right, Glee.


I HATE ---> The Hills, Laguna Beach, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Hells Kitchen, Wife Swap, Kardasians, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City


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I hate any "reality" show you care to name. By pointing a camera at it, it's no longer anything approaching reality as far as I'm concerned. And most of the people on these shows make me want to rage quit having sight. I get all murderous and want to punch every one of their smug, gitty, fudging faces in. Many, many, many, many, many times. Until their faces are a fine paste that I can spread on sandwiches made from rotting bread, and then torch them with a nuclear bomb after first having eaten and then pooed out and vomited on them. Man, I must really hate these shows, huh?

I also hate soap operas because of the aforementioned lack of... well, any discernible talent or point. I hate American remakes of much better UK shows (keep your dirty mitts off of Doctor Who, you philistines). I hate infomercial channels and the celebrity hacks that try to push you crap on a stick as if you'll die a worthless death if you don't throw buckets of money at the screen. I hate televangelist shows where they try to play on people's emotional weakness in the name of their god Mammon. Have I left anything out?

But most of all I hate Gordon bloody Ramsay. The man is a pig. No, pigs are better behaved than this loudmouthed, human potty. Even maggots, flesh eating viruses and cancer are too good for this "man". Any show featuring this guy destroying other people with his bullying, psycho tantrums should be shot into the sun, along with him and the people who think making this garbage is a valid use of valuable time and resources. I absolutely loathe the man, and that's not something I say about just anyone.

Okay, need to breathe now. Phew...
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Embrace the Suck
If it's not sports or news related I hate every single last one of them, save for some old sitcoms like Seinfeld. I don't watch any reality TV nor do I watch any drama series.


Problematic Shitlord
Anything with a Kardashian, Glee, Sex and the City and one last one that I know I'm going to get flak for.


I thought it was the most overhyped piece of garbage I've ever seen.With several of my friends creaming their jeans over everything Firefly, I watched what I could in private and simply nothing was clicking for me. I thought it was poorly produced and incredibly boring.


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Anything soap-y; I had to sit through the EastEnders omnibus once while staying with family, for politeness' sake, and my God, never again. Never, ever again. Also things like One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, that kind of teen-drama-aimed-at-adults / rom-com-on-the-small-screen sort of thing. Not much of a fan of Friends for the same reason, it feels like a borderline rom-com to me and I don't think the humour in it is all that great either.

I'm not gonna give you flak about Firefly, Merc -- to each his own -- but I suspect it suffered from Joss Whedon's slow-pickup thing. He did the same in Buffy, I think, a bit; s1 and 2 were slow for me, but by the end of two, start of three he'd picked it up and made it great (until s6 when it all went down the shitter). Firefly was never intended to be cancelled when it was, and I think if he could have gone on and made a second series it would have picked up the pace. I mean, I loved it, but I can see where you're coming from about it being slow and boring at times. Some of the subplots were positively glacial, but those were presumably the threads that would have run throughout three or four seasons, and got cut off short just hanging there.


I am the woolrus
Bubbles Skins is one of the best shows I have seen. The British version is perfect. It's pretty much amazing in every single way. Don't judge it by that useless, crappy, pathetic, watered down, ripoff, terribly acted American remake. Give the original UK version a chance, it's fantastic.
Agreed, well i liked the first two seasons anyways. I didn't enjoy seasons 3 or 4 at all after they changed the characters, but 1 & 2 are brilliant. The trailer for the American version though looked AWFUL. Though i know the American Only Fools & Horses is going to be even worse...

I think my least favourite shows on TV are morning breakfast shows, like; This Morning, GMTV, Loose Women, Ireland AM... any old crap like that! Oh and Hollyoaks. I can sit through most soaps, but Hollyoaks is just awful.
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