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TV TV Shows That Should Be Cancelled


I thought this would work well with the other thread.

What are some currently running shows that you wish would get the axe?

I have three that come to mind instantly...

American Idol
The Simpsons

All three have overstayed their welcome & continue to get worse & worse.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Dancing With The Stars
American Idol
The Biggest Loser
Anything with Donald Trump in it.

I don't like reality shows, they all could be cancelled for my part. Also tired of the Simpsons.


I ♥ Haters
I agree with Dancing With Stars. That show is detrimental to pop culture. Apparently, ANYONE can be a "star" on that goddamn show - a fat HLN anchor with ugly kankles, a teen whose only claim to fame is being porked on the back seat of a Honda Civic in a Wasilla Burger King parking lot, a burn victim, that fat kid from Disney and even Warren Sapp!! The list goes on and on, man.

Here's a few that I think should be nuked:

- The Jersey Shore
- 16 & Pregnant... well just about every show on MTV
- Every thing on the goddamn TLC network
- The View
- Castle
- The Mentalist
- Any reality show that has to do with storage and/or pawn shops.... since when is that shit interesting?

I agree with The Simpsons as well, but I don't wanna see it cancelled. I would prefer it have a proper send off with a series finale.


Embrace the Suck
Any and all reality shows. I hate them all, especially things like pawn shops or things like that. I also hate the fact that they are on the History Channel, what the hell does a pawn shop have to do with history? I would definitely cancel The View, way too many stupid people all on one show.


I ♥ Haters
Castle IS a piece of shit. I've tried to get into this show numerous times, but I can't do it. Nathan Fillion reminds me of fat, unfunny Charlie Sheen. I say that not outta hate, but as a fact. It's -2 degrees here in Vancouver and Castle is piece of shit. Fact.

I'm sorry, I clearly forgot to add Glee to my list.


YOU remind me of a fat, unfunny Charlie Sheen.

I will agree with you on the Glee cancellation. That show deserves to die a slow, agonizing death. South Park deserves to rot in a shallow grave alongside it.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
South Park is just as good now as it's ever been so that's easily a no and should keep going for, well, forever really.

The Pawn Stars show on History Channel is extremely interesting to me. If you have to ask what it has to do with history then you've never watched it properly. I've learned more from Pawn Stars, American Restoration and American Pickers then I did in school haha

I totally agree about American Idol and Dancing with the Stars...how many episodes can they really make of those? Jersey Shore is a definite too. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
NCIS and NCIS LA are great shows. Both still have good episodes/stories on a week to week basis with lots of action. Also, the show makes you think, and it's not unrealistic like some of the other cop shows out there.

I've only watched an episode of The Mentalist this season, but I don't believe the show should get canceled. I think the show still has some legs, maybe another one or two season left before they can end it permanently.

I do agree with everyone who has listed all those reality tv shows, though.
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