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TV TV Guilty Pleasures


aka ginger warlock
I think we all have films that we watch as film we can always go back to and no matter how many times you watch it it will always be there for you, cheer you up or just make you feel better about yourself.

So what programs do this for you? I used to have a night many years ago I used to dub my "feel better about myself evening" when I would watch back to back "Your Money of your Life" - a program that would look at people in serious debt and getting themselves out of said debt.

The other was "How Clean is your House" - a program that went into peoples homes and told them that having dead cats (someone really did) in there wardrobe was not the best idea if you wanted to have a dinner party.

Now it may sound awful but I loved these programs because they made me feel so much better because no matter how badly my funds are I am not 30 grand in debt, now matter how messy my flat is it is not the home of dead animals.


Most people here know that I love Glee and I consider that to be my guilty pleasure. The writing is often terrible and has major continuity issues, all the music is auto-tuned to hell and much of the show is extremely corny. But I never miss an episode!

I also love the show Embarrassing Bodies. It's really disgusting sometimes but I find it interesting. And it makes me feel good about the state of my own body as through watching the shows I've discovered it could be MUCH worse.


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Gossip Girl because I am a sucker for childish drama and love that Gossip Girl potrays.


The O.C., Dawson's Creek, Party of Five, Greek, Glee, Wildfire... just to name a few.

What can I say, I have a thing for cheesy teen dramas. Haha.


Registered Member
Whenever I'm feeling down I'll watch anything funny, makes me forget about everything for a while. Shows like Friends, Family Guy, Only Fools and Horses, Two and a half men.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
This isn't much that I have watched or will watch again when I'm feeling down. But I consider it guilty pleasure just because I realised a lot of people dislike it while as for me, when I see it playing on tv, I don't think it's bad. I even enjoy watching it. - gilmore girls


Well-Known Member
The only one I can think of at the moment would be Glee. I'm more the type to have guilty pleasure movies than tv shows.


Sally Twit
They're not guilty pleasures, Danno. Well.. The last one might be.

I like to watch Catchphrase a lot. And there were times where me and my boyfriend would play against each other and I'd keep track of our score. We'd mute the TV and see who could get the right catchphrase the quickest. lolol


New Member
My guilty pleasure....well I have a few...mmm lots like Desperate Housewives, Pregnant in Heels, House Hunters, Real World and so on. I also love funny movies, specially romantic comedies. I am so happy now, i used to have cable, our bill was so huge, we were on a strict budget for movies, but now I have an awesome package with My Online Dish. Now mostly my guilty pleasures have less guilty more pleasure. Thank God for this link a friend sent to me.


Where is my Queen?
I have a few. Desperate Housewives, Jersey Shore, and Big Brother. I think that is about it. Oh yeah, Dawson's Creek and Smallville.