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Does anyone else here collect back issues of TV Guide? Some of the key issues in my collection include:

Date & Cover Subject
9/18/53 Fall Preview (1st)
9/25/53 Adventures of Superman (reprint)
6/25/54 Howdy Doody & Buffalo Bob
7/2/54 I Married Joan
5/14/55 Perry Como (reprint)
5/21/55 The Honeymooners
6/30/56 Bob Cummings
9/8/56 Elvis Presley (reprint)
1/26/57 Bob Hope (by Al Hirschfeld)
5/25/57 Sid Caesar (by Al Hirschfeld)
12/14/57 Walt Disney
6/14/58 Father Knows Best
1/10/59 Milton Berle (by Al Hirschfeld)
5/6/61 Donna Reed
7/1/61 The Flintstones
9/16/61 Fall Preview
12/2/61 Joey Bishop
2/17/62 Danny Thomas
3/31/62 Mister Ed
11/10/62 The Beverly Hillbillies
3/30/63 Bonanza
4/20/63 Red Skelton
5/11/63 The Andy Griffith Show (reprint)
11/2/63 My Favorite Martian
7/10/65 The Munsters
9/11/65 Fall Preview
10/2/65 Get Smart
1/15/66 I Spy
2/5/66 I Dream of Jeannie
3/26/66 Batman (reprint)
6/11/66 Gilligan's Island
1/28/67 The Monkees
3/4/67 Star Trek
12/17/77 One Day at a Time
7/28/79 The Incredible Hulk


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I don't collect them but it would be cool to have some of the notable ones from the past. This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza collects TV Guide and Elaine gives away his Al Roker one. Do you have that one by chance? :D


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I dont collect TV Guides either, but I use to have a bunch as younger kid because both my grandparents on my parents side use to keep them, and so did my mother. But I think they've all been thrown out now.

But that's a pretty impressive list.