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TV TV Advertisements You Like


Most people groan whenever you're watching a TV show and the ads come on, many of us would prefer to skip through them and just get back to the show. About 90% of the time they are dull and annoying. Every now and then some ads really stand out and are actually quite enjoyable to watch.

So just post some of those ads that you genuinely enjoy watching in this thread.

A couple of ads I like:

I really love this one, I think it creates a great atmosphere, and they even used real deer in the filming of the close-ups here!


I also really love this one. I like the song, and I love the way each character blends so smoothly from one to the other.

Emirates 'Hello tomorrow' by Strawberry Frog - B&T - YouTube

Haven't seen this one on TV for a while, but I still love it. Superb animation and a great-looking ad.

Vodafone MayFly Advert - YouTube

Last up for now, a hilarious and well-made beer-ad. Beer companies always seem to make the most amazing TV ads.

Australian Beer Carlton Draught Ad - Flashdance - Flashbeer - YouTube


I am the woolrus
Haha, i'd never seen that beer ad before. I love the Vodafone Mayfly one aswell, it's definitely one of my faves.

My all time favourite though has to be this nutri-grain ad. It's hilarious, bizarre and...... really makes me want a nutri-grain!! What the hell are they putting in those things!? :p

Nutrigrain Ad - YouTube

Also in terms of an ad making you sit up and take notice of it, i don't think anything will ever beat the Guinness surfer ad. Definitely one of the greatest ads ever made. it definitely catches your attention and you'll remember it for a long time after

Guinness - Surfer ( extended ) - YouTube


Free Spirit
Staff member
There are a few commercials that I have found funny. Like the one for the sticky roller, when that guy said it will take care of that shedding pussy I about laughed my ass off. Then there the one with the cat watching a kid playing in a sand box and the cat sees it as a big litter pan and can't believe he won't poop and get out of it. However most commercials are boring and sometimes they have so many of them I end up doing something else instead of watching the show.


There's not a single TV commercial that I enjoy. If it's not a movie trailer or a promo for an upcoming TV show, I mute or skip every single one of them.


Embrace the Suck
I love the E-Trade baby commercials, amongst others. They always make me laugh.


Haha Wooly, that nutrigrain one was... odd, not sure if I liked it or not. I loved the Guiness one though, the horses in the wave were awesome, reminded me of Lord of the Rings a bit.

Here's another beer ad I love. Seriously beer companies always make the best ads!

Pure Blonde beer ad - YouTube