Turtle, turtle, turtle


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My brother is out of town and I am responsible for feeding his fishies and turtle. I was feeding his turtle which is an albino red ear slider. You can see how big he got when my brother first put it on youtube. The link to his video is in the description block.

YouTube - Albino red ear slider eating


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That's pretty cool. I used to have a turtle. I remember they stink really bad though and you have to change the water pretty often.

What is that orange stick it is eating? Just some food stick from the store or is it a part of a fish or something?


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When I was a little girl (about 4 or 5) I was accused of drowning my cousins' turtles.. I kept pushing their heads down in the water.


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Aww what a cute turtle. I have a Red Eared Slider and a Chinese Gold Coin Turtle. Love them to death. Their names are Alphonse and Mika.