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Turning Points


For a Free Scotland
When in history do you think the course of history was profoundly affected in a single moment (or say, a day)?


Endangered Species
22nd November 1942 - The Soviet Army reached a key point in Operation Uranus by encircling and restricting supplies to the war machine that was the German 6th Army. This basically saw the beggining of the end to the Third Reich.


Embrace the Suck
July 4, 1776, or the 2nd as some say, the United States declaring Independence from Great Britain, changed the course of history.

December 7, 1942, Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor

November 22, 1942, for the reasons stated by Bananas.


Oh, poppycock.
June 28, 1914: The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria.

His assassination caused a chain effect of war. First it was just Austria vs who shot him, then other nations that had treaties to be Allies with these two fought against each other. Eventually most of Europe was fighting each other. (its an interesting part of history if you care to look it up.)

This fight is now known as World War I.

In late June 1914 Franz Ferdinand was visiting Bosnia to observe military manuevers and to open a museum in Sarajevo. At about 10:00am the morning of the 28th, he was leaving the Philipovic army camp after having undertaken a brief review of the troops. As his motorcade was making its way to the Town Hall, several assassins attempted to throw bombs at the car the Archduke was in. None of the bombs hit their mark, but caused several casualties along the route.
Finally, Gavrilo Princip was able to attack the Archduke and his wife as their car made a wrong turn and was backing up to get back to the right road. THe first bullet wounded the Archduke in the jugular vein, and the second inflicted an abdominal wound on the Duchess. Both victims were dead within minutes.
The bolded is the changing point moment in history you were looking for.

Source for quote:


Embrace the Suck
The assassination of Ferdinand, good one. Definitely a day in history that changed the world.


Oh, poppycock.
Yeah, I thought enough so that I didn't post any other days. I think its biggest in a way. Results of World War I caused many other things which stem back to this. I don't know why, but this part of history actually caught my attention. I'm usually an Language Arts (English class) person, but I researched this a lot. If it didn't happen, there was a chance that World War I wouldn't have, or at least not as soon.


Film Elitist
From the perspective of affecting the United States directly I think there's a very important event that lies within the last century...

August 15th 1945. The day World War II ended. It is probably the U.S.'s biggest moment in the past 100 years because that day is still affecting the U.S. as of today: It's the day that has defined America's ego.

After WWII we became so full of ourselves because of what we had accomplished. It was a "We saved the world" attitude and over the years it went straight to our heads. Many have become so arrogant and over-zealous as to the capabilities of the United States government, politics and the lengths of which we should extend our hand.

It has no doubt changed who we are as a culture and it's influence is still more than present every day.


Registered Member
449 BC: The victory of the Greek City States over Persia during the Greco-Persian Wars. Had the Persians been victorious in conquering Greece, our culture and way of life would be extremely different today.