turning eighteen with a lot of choices


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so I'm graduating in a few months. I don't know where I should go. I'm strting to think I shouldn't go through with the whole fiery hoops process of getting accepted into college, but wait until I do a year of service in the airforce.

How would I talk to my parents about this without them disregarding my option? :confused::confused:

Would I be able to get a better job if I had the experience in the Air Force? :rolleyes:

Does it really pay all expenses for colleges? :shocked:
How long would I have to seve for that? :stare:

I'm just afraid my dad will tell me it's all a lie and I have to go to college. But after I'm eighteen, does anything he tried to persuade me to do really matter? I can just move out afterwards. I just need help about the whole AirForce thing. :-/


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I think that your best bet is to go and find out the information about the Air Force, maybe speak to somebody to do with Air Force and see if they can give you the information you want/need. If this doesn't help, try looking online, there is probably a lot of information on there that can help you if you look in the right places.

As for your parents, if you show them that you have looked up and found research on the Air Force, they are more likely to accept that this is what you want to do, as you have shown an interest in it, and actually got off your backside to find information on it, therefore showing it's what you want and are motivated.


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If you're interested in the Air Force, your best bet is to talk to a recruiter. I guarantee that they'll be able to answer any military related questions that you might have including what they'll pay for college. But if you live in the United States (I'm not sure specifically about the Air Force) the Army will give you a rather large college tuition based on your ASVAB test scores. The higher you score, the more money you can get. They'll also give you a rather large sign on bonus, and you might be able to find the career that you want to do while working for the Air Force. That'll not only pay for your schooling, but you'll get paid for the schooling and have an immediate job right after you graduate from AIT.

But you should really consider all of your options before you decide which route to go. You could go to a community college and not have to jump through any hoops to get started. And don't rule out community college. There are plenty of community colleges that actually have a better program or two than some Ivy League schools.

But it all really depends on what YOU want to do. You are the master of your own destiny and you need figure out what you like to do, then just figure out how you get a job doing that.


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The only thing I will say is if you are serious about doing this, try to show your parents you are serious. If you get a sign on bonus, put what you don't NEED to use into savings. Sure, they will pay a large part of your college expenses and such, but you could use that money for a car (if you don't have one) or to move out. This sounds like it cold be good for you but the thing is you need to prove to your parents you are serious.

Go talk to a recruiter and have your questions answered. Then I would approach your parents with this idea and you can answer their questions. It will show that you have give this serious thought/.


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What country are you from? I can tell you a good amount about the US's military, but not so much about other countries.

As far as your dad, IMO, ideally he would give you advice, and then give you the freedom to make the choice you want to make. It doesn't always work that way, but I think it should.