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Turn This Car Around


Registered Member
Have you ever forgotten something at home...then turn around to get it??
But what if you were over halfway there to your destination??
Still turn back??.....or cuss up a storm??
Most would depend I guess on what it is in particular you left behind.
Cell phone??
Business suit??
Running shoes??
I have forgotten a few things in the past years, but I believe I have only turned around twice and both times were for important papers.
And then I was only going approximately 30 miles away....if I were headed for a trip out of state, hell no....I guess I'd have to make do or buy new :lol:


Well-Known Member
I've forgotten my passport once, on the way to the airport. Luckily I always check for things like that, when i'm close to home, so I didn't have far to turn back. Most things I wouldn't bother turning back for though, especially if I was already out of the town I lived.


Babeasaurus Sex
Eurgh I'm a nightmare...I always forget stuff.

It does depend on the importance of it as to whether I go back for it or not.


Boom Boom Pow!
The most recent thing that I've forgotten is my passport. Luckily I wasn't going on a plane or on holiday. I needed it for some ID purposes or something along that lines - for paperwork basically.

I had driven for about 45 minutes before I realised I had forgotten it. But I still turned round and got it because it was important and I needed it.

I guess I would have not turned round and retrived it if I had driven within 10-20 miles of my destination.


yellow 4!
Yeah, can't really say without giving a list of examples because it just depends on what it is, how important, if there's time, and how far you got. I would most likely turn around and go back in some circumstances where most would not, however, because I like driving and if I'm not in any rush then it probably wouldn't bother me. The only time I can think of where I left something important at home and didn't go back for it was when I was visiting another city to check it out for university possibilities. I only realized about 5 minutes away from the destination that I'd forgotten the map of all the accommodations I needed to visit. Since it's a 3/4 hour drive to get there and already afternoon, I was not turning back. :O


Registered Member
The most important thing I have forgotten was, as lame as this sounds, my retainer. Lol. I had my braces off for like 8 months, and you have to wear that damn thing at night times, or your teeth start to move back. It was always the most important thing, cause I always freaked out about my teeth moving back after 3 years being metal mouth, and I had left it out on the bench specifically, mentally reminded myself a million times not to forget it ... and I still forgot that wretched thing. Problem was, I was moving overseas for 6 months, and it wasn't until I got to the airport that I remembered ... that I forgot it. Too late.


Well..it depends if what I've forgotten is important enough to make me turn the car around.
Generally when I forget things I don't get back home to take them. It has happened only once when I was going to a friend's bday and I forgot to take her present with me.
Regarding cell phone or anything related to it aren't things that'd made me go home even If I forgot them.


Where is my Queen?
I had to turn around today because I forgot to shut my garage door, that was about it.


Registered Member
I've forgotten things like phone chargers at school when I was going home (5 hours) or vice versa. I've had to turn around as far as 45 minutes out. I have decided to keep going a couple times, both from home, and had my parents mail the charger (or whatever else I forgot).

Nowadays, the only times I do this are forgetting my employee ID and not realizing it until I get to work. I can take a temporary pass, but there's been a time or two that I decided to drive all the way back home (20 minutes) to get it.


Registered Member
Only remember once about 2 weeks ago. Forgot a book and dad made me turn around and go back to get it. He usually wont let me go back for anything but he didn't even care if i was late! When i can drive alone, I'll always go back if i forget something!