Turn On Aut. Windows updates??


i always have the automatic updates turned off for windows but lately i've been told to turn it or at least let windos notify me and let me choose what to download.

that's what i did today, and it came up with a list of many things including updates on:

Sp1; Sp3, Security Updates for Windows XP, 2007 Mic. Office, Wind. Genuine advantage ...etc.

i've heard it's risky to download some of these updates as they might screw up my windows and they take up a lot of space on HDD.

i don't know what to do now ....


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it's all personal preference. I run XP SP2 and haven't done an update in years and honestly don't plan on it. my systems secure with my firewall, antivirus, and with the routers firewall. I say so long as you are vigilant what's the point. i don't even do updates on my work pc.


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If you are still running XP I wouldn't bother but if you do then create a restore point before downloading any of them and if something goes wrong just roll it back.


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i've never created restore points. lol. i'm afraid something happens.
To be honest unless you have turned them off them you will probably aalready have system restore points saved on the computer.

Restoring to a previous point won't delete any file you have added all that will happen is that any programs or updates you have run since the restore point will automatically be removed.

It is fairly straightforward.