Turn off the lights!!


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My dog woke me up early in the morning and I went into the kitchen and the lights were on and my dog sleeps in his cage in the kitchen. I turned the lights off and my dog stops whining. About 20 minutes later, he starts whining again! I went to the kitchen and the lights were on again. I guess my brother got a drink in the kitchen and didn't turn off the lights. So I turned off the lights again and no more whining. My dog was saying, "Dammit, turn off the freaking lights! I'm trying to sleep!


Sally Twit
Haha. Smart dog. I was going to make a thread the other day asking if anyone had "smart" pets but I can't be bothered now.
Does your dog do anything else?


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My Dads dog has the same problem. Cant sleep with the lights on! His neighbours security light would often wake it and set it off barking, now it has to sleep in a hallway with no windows.


Ess Tii Eph Yu
My dog can and does fall asleep practically anywhere but I suppose animals are a lot like the owners. I sleep when the sun is up and am awake when it;s dark so she runs rampant throughout the night and sleeps all day. If the lights are on she wants to sleep.


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My dogs bark regardless of the lights being on or off. Usually, all I have to do is tell them to shut up and they quiet down. I wish I could just turn the lights off to make them silent.
Now that's why I love my cat. She can fall asleep with the lights on! Maybe older pets tend to get picky about their sleeping conditions.