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Turn based vs. Realtime RPG?


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Staff member
What type of RPG playing style do you prefer? Turn based or realtime?

I don't generally mind either playing style, however I do prefer realtime over turn based. I get bored having to manually select every little thing sometimes.


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I really like all RPG styles, I am not to picky when it comes to RPG. Granted realtime is better than taking turns, but I will play both, it doesn't matter to me.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'm not a big RPG fan, but it's gotta be realtime. Turn based puts me to sleep.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Realtime definately keeps me involved in the game for much longer. Turn-Based has to have a really, really good system in place for me to want to pay attention for long periods of time.


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I much prefer realtime, as it immerses me more but I have played fun turn based games.


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I like both kinds. Real time is nice from time to time, but on longer trips, i prefer the turn based ones, because it give me time to think about what i'm doing, and also throws a little variety in the mix.