Turn-Based vs Real Time RPGs

Turn-based vs Real time

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Which do you prefer to play?

When I was younger I loved to play turn-based RPGs. I didn't mind the wait, and it gave me a chance to figure out what sort of attack I wanted to pull off. Now that I'm older I prefer real time RPGs such as Zelda, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 12 and Star Ocean: TtEoT. They're just so much easier and it makes a good RPG even better, I believe. :jedi:

What about you, which do you prefer? And, do you think turn-based RPGs are going away while real time are becoming more popular?
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I've always liked real time RPGs, I'm a big fan of Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, and Star Ocean.
But I used to play way more turn based RPGs, Earthboud, the majority of the Final Fantasy Series, until FF12, it was pretty hard to go back after that.

I got Blue Dragon, I have progressed so little in that game for that reason.
Love both but I prefer turn based. Sometimes I lose focus and need a rethink strategy, which turn based action allows, easier. I have much love for real time too though (WoW being a great example. One of the best games I ever played) but I like to kick back, relax and think.

Advance Wars. :wub:
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I picked turn-based because I never got myself into real time RPGs. I've played Kingdom Hearts and FF12 but both were not my cup of tea. FF12 was a bit too easy, it had depth though in the way you could customize and attack. And Kingdom Hearts simply lacked depth, it was hack and slash. I got bored out of it.

I do like to play Baldur's gate on the ps2 with a friend. But that's just because there's a co-op mode.