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Turkey investigating Gollum


Free Spirit
Staff member
Heck yes he looks like him. The resemblance is uncanny.

I think this whole case is as stupid as Erdogan. Don't waste money investigating that remark it was an insult.


Registered Member
The dude is so totally brain dead lol. But it is an insult because Gollum is tons more intelligent than Erdogan. Gollum should file a law suit for defamation of character!



The middle set in particular is a good likeness.

Smeagle I think falls into that category of "Not Criminally Responsible". He's not good or evil so much as conflicted (which most schizophrenics are, it kinda goes with the territory). So far as I know though, the good doctor didn't say Erdogan "was like" gollum, but rather "looked like" him. I think the above picture is worth 1000 words as far as that goes. I've been told I bear some resemblance to Marilyn Manson, and while I do not find the comparison flattering, I can't really deny it either. All I can say is that the similarities end there. If I were Erdogan though, I might be careful with throwing around the Turkish word for "Precious". :D

- Cham


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Totally epic! ^ But I still think Gollum looks tons better than Erdogan.


Registered Member
So wait... this IS about an entire country investigating a fictional CHARACTER???

Wait, what? I thought Gollum was some person or country I've never heard of.

What is this rubbish?

Is this the kind of stuff I'd be doing if I'd had done an actual "Film History Major" instead of "Individual Film" major? Going to other countries and explaining to idiodic leaders the symbolim and intent of fictional characters? Is this what I'd be going to bed every night hoping I wake up to a call about in the middle of the night and then wisking away to Turkey to explain something to someone that has literally no practical application to foreign policy or the modern world?

Wait.... what??? This is actually a topic?

Say who???