Tunnel Fire In England


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Well well... this would be a pretty scary situation to be stuck in.

Thousands stranded by Channel Tunnel fire - CNN.com

being in an undersea tunnel and suddenly it lights on fire and you're breathing in smoke with nowhere to go, not a lot of people were hurt but obviously they'll be fixing something before opening up this tunnel again.

Apparently this has had quite an impact on a lot of people in Europe because now they won't be able to travel the way that they were all set to go for.


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I used to use the tunnel weekly and have probably been through it close to 300 times.

It has a lot of safety features and this is not the first fire(last major one in 1996), there is an evacuation tunnel with automatic escape shuttles. I felt safer in the tunnel than I did using the bulky ferries crossing the choppy water whilst cutting 90* across the busiest shipping lane in the world.

When I saw this on the news it reminded me of the Mount Blanc tunnel fire