Tuesday July 11th 2006, Hero Barrier

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This card is just horrible. Unlike yesterday's card this one happens to get even worse. It's actually sad when you think about it. In order to play this card you need to have an E-Hero on your side of the field. That alone makes the playability of this card slim even if you are using an E-Hero deck. After the first sad lining of the card it states that it only grants protection from one attack from one monster. This being the case Asura Priest can come and still do damage.

So let's just face the truth here people. This card isn't a card you should be using which is why it's on crap week.

Traditional: 1-5
Advanced: 1-5


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Ah yes, one of the MANY Elemental Hero support cards, yet not really much support. A card that stops ONE attack ONLY if you have a monster with Elemental Hero in it's name is too situational even in an Elemental Hero deck.

With its name you would think it would be a Waboku or Negate Attack for Elemental Hero's. I think if this card worked like the aforementioned cards if you have an Elemental Hero on your side of the field; then it might be a bit more playable. Unfortunately, it isn't.

Advanced: 1 out of 5
Traditional: 1 out of 5
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