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Tucker Takes Minnesota, pt. 2 of 2


Lion Rampant
Once everything settled down, I slipped off alone for a little photo safari.

This ancient Native American petroglyph would be awesome if it wasn't spray painted on a concrete slab at the airport:

Then I flew home, admiring the curvature of the Earth:

...and the view, from seven miles high, of places like Utah's Bryce Canyon:

...and a sleepy little desert village called Las Vegas, Nevada.

The End

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Well-Known Member
Nice pics Tuck. I really love the ones you took from the plane. They are seriously amazing.


Lion Rampant
Thank you, Impy. I hope to get more of those unique aerial shots in the spring, on my way to and from the UK.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Awesome pics, man. I enjoyed both parts 1 and 2.
...and the view, from seven miles high, of places like Utah's Bryce Canyon:

Those are definitely Zion. Bryce is right near there though, so I'm sure you flew over that too.


Awecome pictures. The 4th and the last are my favorite!
Have yet to see part 1.