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Tucker Takes Minnesota, pt. 1 of 2


Lion Rampant
Hope you enjoy! ^_^

I can't say much for the airline, but the flight in to Minneapolis was as cheap as could be.

Once we landed and I saw what exciting entertainment Minnesota had to offer, I could hardly contain myself.

Signs were often confusing:

...while a few others looked strangely familiar.

A couple just struck me as somehow funny or cool.

My room:

My roommate:

My camera's 10-second delay:

This is the town I lived in as a kid:

Me old elementary school:

Mister S was at the motel:

I don't know why, when he had a penthouse in my old yard:

This way to lovely Canada!

It's actually not far from where I was:

Maybe too close. In Minnesota, maple money always sneaks into your pocket change.

Click here for part two
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Sally Twit
Great pictures, T-Bird.

If/when I get married I'll pay to fly you over here so you can take my wedding photos. ;)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Love the pictures Tucker, you've caught some great shots. I especially like the picture of the railroad track, where the caption says "This way to lovely Canada"

Got to love the Canadian quarter. But the one that caught my eye the most was the Golden V, who doesn't a Golden V.


Interesting pictures.
Lol at your roommate and your camera's 10 seconds delay.